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Who We Are

Our company was established in 2012, as an extension of Semsa Elektronik – 30-year-old electronics manufacturer in Turkey. The company structure and partnership has changed from Semsa to Semiz, where the goal was to create a corporate structure rather than the family business with extended strategies of high technology, business consultancy and trade on niche areas. We mainly work with white goods manufacturers and their suppliers along with value added electronic card manufacturer in various business segments.


We are investing into Research and Development with a dedicated team to create new ventures with highest technologies in order to meet our customers’ needs in agile and smart manufacturing – globally named as Industry 4.0. Together with in-house developed software and hardware, highest quality is the most crucial KPI at Semiz. Today, we also provide consultancy and software development around Industry 4.0 strategies.


We are traditionally based in Kartal, Istanbul-Turkey at our 30-year-old manufacturing site. Also in 2016, we have expanded our manufacturing, trade and engineering muscles into our new location at Tuzla, Istanbul-Turkey. Today, we are manufacturing at both sites based on 1,000 sqm.


Our founder, Ahmet Semiz, has an extensive experience on electronics R&D since his earliest days as a fresh college graduation as he holds an Electronics Engineer MS degree, from Istanbul Technical University. As an open minded and innovative individual, he has led the R&D centre of Erdemir AŞ –the leading steel manufacturer In Turkey- for many years. He has established his first own company in Istanbul, Turkey at 1980 for industrial electronics diagnosis applications. Later he has established Semsa and led the company for about 30 years, and established Semiz Ltd in order to meet customer need of agility and quality with better terms.


Later in 2013, Bilgin Semiz has joined the company, and he owned the total business management of company with support of his father. Shortly Ahmet Semiz has earned more personal time – still providing strategic advisory on key matters. Bilgin has a Mechanical Engineer degree from Istanbul Technical University, and has a Marketing Management Degree at Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Business. He has worked at world’s leading companies; Microsoft and Apple for 13 years and has joined to Semiz Elektronik with his extensive knowledge on IT and business development knowhow. Today, Bilgin is acting as an Industry 4.0 consultant as well; creating a new venture for Semiz Elektronik.


Product and Services:

Semiz Elektronik has three main pillars for continuous growth of business:



-          Our core business function as we always have been a trustworthy partner in manufacturing. We manufacture at two location at Istanbul to better server our customer needs. We are always keen to outgrow our way of doing business with innovation and newest technology integration into traditional manufacturing. Our main products are Choke Fiter Coils for white goods industry as well as various electronic card manufacturers – both in Turkey and other countries.

-          We offer Research and Development cooperation to our customers and position ourselves a business partner rather than a supplier. We are always focused on new and better approaches into manufacturing with our team.

-          We offer Toroidal Choke Filter Coils, Choke Filter Coils, Common Mode Coils, Air Core Coils, RFID Antennas as well as tailor made coils and windings per request of our partners.



-          Along with more than a decade of experience at global market leading tech companies, Bilgin Semiz offers Business Management, Change Management, Performance Management and tailor made consultancy roles. We have proven success in consultany with Retail, IoT, Distribution and Business Development companies.



As we outgrow our business network, we are happy to support our customers’ needs in sourcing in fewer or higher quantities mainly related with our core business. Also we are focusing on commercialization of our in-house developed software and services on Industry 4.0.